I’m Matthew Birdzell, a writer currently living in Portland, Oregon, where it’s sunny for an hour and rainy for five. My goal is to write professionally. The dream is videogames, however I am interested in any good writing career: content, technical, SEO, blogs, or screenwriting. I’m pretty enthusiastic for bringing words to exceed your need.

My videogame writing adventure began in 2020 on the Monochrome RPG Episode 1. A tale about a Otto – an anthropomorphic character battling sneezy bad guys in a 1920s animation-inspired world of chrome. Additionally, I’ve got some short stories on my belt (albeit unpublished), fan fiction, and am writing my first book – Just as Human (title TBD).

Plot development, character arcs, and relationships in script format are my bread and butter for videogame writing. Science fiction, fantasy, and action-adventure are what I focus on. I also write branching narratives. My two-part portfolio showcases all of that.

You’ll also see samples of freelance writing. I fuse together words for website copy, articles, and blogs. Embellishing it with levity makes them stand out from others.

Follow my Writing Updates to read my current ventures. Dispatch me a message below for contact, and you can reach me digitally on:

Discord: HD Simplicityy#7294. Find me in the IGDA SIG Game Writers Server.