I sunk many a weekend into videogames growing up in Northwest Oregon. Now, I play and write them.

My focus is writing high-fidelity, single player titles. You can see script examples in my portfolio, with a character biography and Twine games. Plot, character interactions, and banter for memorable player experience are my bread and butter. Some of my favorite games like those are Marvel’s Spiderman, Uncharted 4, Skyrim, Life is Strange, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Halo 3. Brothers playfully insulting each other over mistakes while chasing treasure, running over Flood infection forms in a speeding warthog to the Forward Unto Dawn…. those moments never get old.

That’s not all I’ve done. I have experience writing informative website copy, personable blogs, and insightful games journalism. Industries I’ve written for include home remodeling, home decoration, healthcare, plus features articles for Love Thy Nerd, a community of more than 4,000 geeks.

In a different universe, I’ve got some fantasy short stories on my belt (albeit unpublished), and a draft of a science fiction novel.

Dispatch me a message below. I want to make your videogame as amazing as possible.

Discord: HD Simplicityy#7294. Tag me in the IGDA SIG Game Writers Server.