I’m Matthew Birdzell, a Game Writer, Freelance Writer, and eventual author currently living in Portland, Oregon.

My videogame writing adventure began in 2020. Since then – and even before – I have written short stories, fanfiction, articles on videogames, and am writing my first book.

I adore writing grand, hilarious, or cinematic games that resonate and leave an impression; the same for my personal writing. Smaller games are also lots of fun to work on.

Plot development and character arcs/relationships are my focuses for videogame writing. I also enjoy firing off dialogue barks.

When not writing or thinking about writing, I read, play videogames, watch movies and TV shows, hike, shoot guns, do something outside, occasionally draw, and spend time with folks who deal with me in a good way.

My two-part portfolio showcases my capabilities, interests, and articles. You can follow my Writing Updates blog to read about my book’s progress and lots of other writing. Find me on Facebook and Twitter – where I share updates – with the icons to the right side of the menu, or in the below digital places:

Discord: HD Simplicityy#7294. Tell me who you are and what you want to do together. I also toss updates in a few servers.


LegendFire Critique Forum as HD Simplicityy: https://forum.legendfire.com/user/14