I’m Matthew Birdzell, a Game Writer, Freelance Writer, and eventual name on paperback currently living in Portland, Oregon, where it’s sunny for an hour and rainy for five.

My videogame writing adventure began in 2020 on the Monochrome RPG Episode 1. Other tales I have written are short stories, fan fiction, articles on videogames, and am writing my first book – a science fiction novel.

Plot development, character arcs, and relationships in script format are my bread and butter for videogame writing. I also fire off dialogue barks. Science fiction, fantasy, and action-adventure are my specializations. I also write in other styles, such as branching narratives. Throw in some documentation, lore, character biographies, and flavor text on the side too.

My two-part portfolio showcases all of that. You’ll also see samples of freelance writing. I fuse together words for website copy, articles, and unpublished samples.

Follow my Writing Updates to read my current ventures. Dispatch me a message below for contact, and you can reach me digitally on:

Discord: HD Simplicityy#7294. I update online friends about my writing, talk to other writers. Also in the IGDA SIG Game Writers Server.

LegendFire Critique Forum as HD Simplicityy: https://forum.legendfire.com/user/14