Inaugural Writing Update

I saw you through my digital window before your knuckles rapped on the door. Allow me to welcome you to my writers’ website! I will have to find photos to spruce this place up, moreso for long updates.

Every week that I write fiction or about fiction – near every weekend at the present time – I want to share my word count, takeaways from the writing, and overall progress! Other ideas are floating in my mind that I may try, like making update videos instead of typing them, or an attempt at teaching you writing.

Hah… well, it could work!

Anyway, I will try not to miss posting updates. Life has a way of annoyingly stepping in the way. I can holler beforehand as long as I remember.

My first update of word counts is for the second draft of my first novel! It is a science fiction adventure set in the 25th Century, tentatively titled Just as Human. It features a female lead character and her older brother: Irish soldiers Ellexis and Nolan. Still, lots to write in it, so I shall tease you with a synopsis another time.

Though, at least you read this teaser of a teaser…

Cumulative word count is now at 22,390 words. Word Count for August 7th: 2,038. I started the draft in September of 2020.

At the end of a month, I will summarize my word count, any takeaways, and a sort of “review” for a video game, movie, or book that a) I enjoy, b) influences or inspires my writing, and c) you can add to your list of stories to consume. Going to start with video games. Later, after those are finished, I will think of something else to publish. Again, perhaps in video form eventually, so you can see my messy morning hairdo!


Subscribe to these Writing Updates to follow me! I hope you enjoy! Please suggest improvements where you see them needed.

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