Writing Update 2: End of a sequence and planning other writing.

Hey Readers,

Matthew here for my second Weekly Update! If you missed my Inaugural one from last week, you can catch up on the Writing Updates tab.

Novel Draft

This week’s goal was to wrap up the battle sequence taking place at the end of my first novel’s second draft. Have been writing this for eight months. Eight months!


Been building towards it for a few short years in my mind. Prior to it – at the end of 2020 – I was at the start of Chapter III. And, of course, rather than write the whole draft linearly, I had a case of writers’ block. Got distracted. I wanted to get this grand and emotional battle out of my head. Get the character moments I was super duper excited for written down.

Ugh! I hate writers’ block. It was time to free the mental space up.

It’s now the three chapters before the conclusion. Originally one scene that I expanded on. And, frankly, made it more entertaining.

Hurray! Time for a cookie.

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

I have had, like, seven cookies since yesterday. Chilled in the fridge from the outside heat.


That section took too long to write. Admittedly, I was figuring out how to balance fiction writing with finding a new job, while working a full-time job. Now I am taking a break from the novel draft. Here is what’s coming up:

  • Alleviating my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms. A long-standing issue that needs to be over with. It just lingers, no matter what I have learned to get it out of my muscles. One of the reasons that battle took so long, actually.

And outlining:

  • some ideas I want to outline/brainstorm.

Honestly, I need a palette cleanser from the book for a few weeks. It will help my mind reset, outline new ideas, and outline what I need to finish the second draft.

Weekly Word Count for August 14th – Just as Human Second Draft: 1,362.

That is all for this Weekly Update! Thanks for stopping by, and keep eyes out for future updates in your inbox or when I share them to social media and Discord!

PS: I very well could switch to recording videos. Doing it makes this way more personalized, is a bit less writing for my hands, and lets me learn some video editing. Going to buy a 1080p webcam if I go that route.

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