Writing Update #4

Hello everybody! A month’s worth of writing updates now. This one is shorter, so here we go.

Writing brand new prose for the first time in years is super refreshing. No kidding. New images and emotions and characters all start coming up. It is refreshing to put on my monitor a little story that I can use to submit for publication, for a writing application for a game writing job, or some other use. You may have found a reason to do this too.

I can see you nodding. 

From the outline has come:

  • A few hook attempts, then just went with one to change later.
  • Barfed up words that will get lots of fine-tuning.
  • Branching narrative points for adaptation/expansion into Ink.

I wanted to write the entire story in one sitting – 3,000 words or less. I also was coordinating through text message with a car seller to see her used car. So much for that.

But, the story is started. Smile and nod.

I’ll tease it for you: a modern-day story, taking place in 2021, about a teenage boy finding something extravagant on a short hunting trip.

And I can’t seem to find an free-to-use image of just that. Lame. You’ll just have to imagine.

Helping Words

How did writing a short story help you with a different project? Share your heart away below.

Before we end, I tried making a video update last week. The sound quality from my Blue Yeti Nano after the recording was underwater-y. Weird coming from a great mic….

So I am working out the kinks to make these more personalized.

And that is all for this Weekly Update! As always, thank you for reading. See you here next week!

Word Count for August 28th: 881.

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