Writing Update #6

“I’m back.”



That Austrian accent is funny to see in writing.

Welcoooome back! Time for a Writing Update!

Not Enough

I… really lacked enough content to update on in the last update. Thus, I took time away to have a more I… really lacked enough content to update on in the last update. Thus, I took time away to have a more substantial one. Really, I was saving a majority of my writing for Saturdays. That way I could apply to jobs during weekdays.

Will that change from weekly to bi-weekly or every three weeks? For right now, as long as I make the time I can update every week. I am, however, thinkin’ of posting on Tuesday. People are with friends, family, or relaxing during Sunday, my normal posting day.

Short Pieces

That short story of the young hunter and the trophy he was after, in Scotland? If you don’t remember, have a look at Writing Update #5. I had finished its first draft. Since then, I wrote the second draft! Substantially overhauled it; added more plot, character motivation, theme, and changed some plot parts. I really like it, but it needs more love.

Basically, I have this… nagging feeling. Nagging as though it is stretched too far in places. Too much detail, not enough juice pushing it farther in the forest. Regardless of that being correct or simply a little lagging confidence. Thanks to critiques I got over at LegendFire – https://forum.legendfire.com/ – it is more interesting altogether. Right now, it’s sitting on Thomas’s imaginary table. Down the path (pun intended) I will examine it further to make it worthy of submission. One step closer to being a published author!

Getting even a short piece polished is just hard.

Samples. Like Costo’s.

Photo by Startup Stock Photos on Pexels.com

Between the above drafts, I thought of a quick, three-page first-person shooter script sample. A cinematic script – no playable sections.

Concept: the player – a human soldier – is sent to help weed out a stealthy enemy alien at an off-world colony, at the request of a Lieutenant leading the remains of a squad. It takes place early in the game, well, a hypothetical FPS.

Been edited through once… and needs more. Inspired by catchphrases and technology in Halo, by the silliness of Call of Duty, and the visceral feeling of Battlefield… if those latter two had aliens. Save it for your lunch break after I share it in my Game Writing portfolio. 


Character goals, motivations, fears, flaws and strengths for Just as Human are being outlined! This’ll help tremendously for outlining the events in the chapters I still need: Ch. III to the battle sequence, then the conclusion. Writing I ought to have done WAY earlier.

Lesson learned. For sure.

Recording writing

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

You might wonder, “Is he ever gonna make videos like he said he would?” Yes, I want to. I have to upgrade the website’s monthly plan first. I will do that when I have a newly secured day job outside of temporary work. A few times I have recorded test videos. Just the other day learned how to use basic functions on DaVinci Resolve 17 to make ’em.

Thanks for catching up with me! Share in the comments how you learn where to add plot details.

In summary:

  • Hunting for a Trophy – second draft 5/5 pages – 100%
  • FPS script sample draft written. 3/3 pages – 100%
  • Just as Human outlining – oohh, 1/6th through the character arcs.

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