Writing Update 8

Sorry for missing my Tuesday post! Right before I laid down to read myself to sleep, it came to mind. Was a, “Oops!” thought, then a “Delay it a week or get the short update out tomorrow”?

Here is Writing Update #8.


That feeling when you return to one of your passion projects? 

Mmmmm… excitement! 

That is what’s coursing through my mind since returning to the main file for Just as Human Draft Two. I hadn’t opened it since late last year! These characters, this story… I just hope they come out with the right words in the end. 

Chapter III is coming along fairly well. To spark my writing, I took what I knew I liked from starting the chapter last year and thought, I like this, this here sucks, but that over there can be rewritten, and what the heck is this doing here? What is taking its place is an overhauled Chapter III. 

For a second draft. 

This one feels shorter than I thought it needed to be. I introduce two characters in it. No, not the protagonist and her brother. Perhaps when you – a writer or reader – think that a chapter needs more, that more you want actually comes later. We will find out.

For this part…

My goal is to find a natural end to this chapter… as is the for any writer. That ought to happen by November 6th at the latest. It is possible that I will apply editing to that FPS sample screenplay I wrote. Game studios can’t see a variety of experiences if its not in a portfolio. Until then, thanks for catching up a day late! 

Just as Human Second Draft – Chapter III: half done.

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