Two little finishes – Writing Update #9

Writing Update 9

“Omega Zero Nine, checking in.”

More like updating in, but that doesn’t have the same corny ring. Not even enough to whet your appetite.

Done in Twos:

  • Finished Chapter III in the novel.
  • Edited the FPS sample script, written in Trelby.

I thought I could squeeze more mileage out of the third chapter. I kept asking myself what the characters’ goals were with this intro chapter for them. It needs to establish – and I may as well say – the husband and wife as the stories’ villains. Moreover, it needs to lay the groundwork for character arcs – the next few chapters. I got that stuff going where I said last week I was halfway through.

Turns out it was way less!

Naturally and ending just came to mind sooner than I imagined. In the future, I want to expand it. But… it is done! Chapter IV is next! Already wrote it in the first draft. It’ll be one of two options I have for it.

The Rotation

The sample screenplay needs more formatting. I did a few edits to it on the weekend. Then, perhaps another critique round to clean it up for posting. Those of you that are screenwriters know how different formatting is than in books. To be frank, I barely learned it in university.

Not all writing is learned in school.

In the Future

In the next two weeks or so, I will have an article about fiction published on a website! This one took a while to get written and revised. Looking forward to what people say about it.

By the way, tell me if there is an addition, a change, or whatever to make these any better. I feel like I am missing something, not doing something good enough.

That brings us to the end of this writing update. Thanks for checking in. See you next time!

  • Chapter III of JaH: 100%
  • FPS sample script: 5/6th done.

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