Writing Update #10 – A Rapid One.

Hey folks!

I intended on having a video update today. Its recorded, sitting in my editing program. But, it borked on me near the end. Some of the ending recorded in skips, like skipping frames. I don’t know if its usable.

Not sure that I will redo it. Rather try again.

I sound like a broken record when I say I am learning how to do it. Eh, it’ll be done.

This is what I made progress on since skipping last week:

  • The first scene in Chapter IV of Just as Human.
  • Writing my next Love Thy Nerd article. It will be published before December 8th. Yes, there is a purpose behind the date.
  • Speaking of, got my article “Obsession in Rise of the Tomb Raider” published first by LTN on October 28th! You may have seen my Facebook post on it. I will place it in my portfolio after it has had more time on their website.
  • Cleaned up the FPS script sample. I just published it to my Game Writing portfolio tonight.

Life took over writing priorities of late. Still, I had to get some eager words out of my head onto my screen!

By the way, go check out what Love Thy Nerd writes about. Many great writers, far better than I, have cool analyses on lots of recent nerd culture stuff: https://lovethynerd.com/articles

In other words:

  • Chapter IV is 1/4th done, by estimation. It will be longer than Chapter III.
  • Rough Draft of another Love Thy Nerd article, plus one published.
  • Editing a script.

So, a toast to recording an update without issues next time.


Thanks for being patient, and I will see you in the forthcoming update! And if you’re not following my social media, do find me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, for more adventuring of becoming a professional making-stuff-up person.

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