This way for now – Writing Update #11

Another week, another Writing Update. No, not a video one; letting that go for the meantime.

I have tried multiple times to make a decent update video. In the midst of editing tonight, my mp4 file will not play with audio. But it does in Windows Media Player. My recording/streaming software is set to mp4 as well. At this point, it is easier to just write these.

More a frustration than a serious “This will add more personality!” desire. At least those programs are free full programs!

Typing of the Week

  • Finished revising another Love Thy Nerd article.
  • Added to both my game writing and freelance writing portfolios. Have you noticed?
  • Typed more of Ch. IV.

Not bad. I am particularly proud of this LTN article. A special one: reflecting on two decades, as of November 15th, of my all-time favorite video game series. After it has had its spotlight for two, two and a half weeks, it’ll join the Tomb Raider pieces.

Maybe someone or two will enjoy my analysis when its published soon!

The Other Thing

I didn’t add as much to the book this week as I wanted.



Ellexis has reached the call-to-action of the story. The plot takes flight! As you can imagine, I am excited about how my mind will guide it. Or it will fight with my outlines. Or I’ll let God help me write it.

Building Blocks

Be sure to see in my portfolio my First Person Shooter script sample, plus Obsession in Rise of the Tomb Raider, published by Love Thy Nerd. My intention is the script shows my capability with writing sci fi, a game cinematic, and dry comedic character dialogue. The article is my analysis of Lara Croft’s continuing character arc in the new trilogy. I wrap it in a biblically relevant theme and connect it to my life.

That is all for the week of 11/15! I will be out of state next week on vacation; an update is 50/50.

Written for this week:

  • Ch. IV is at the edge off 1/3rd written.
  • LTN article three finished.
  • Portfolio added to.

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