#12: Post-Thanksgiving Update

Two turkey dinners later and I am pretty well ready to get back to life. All that traveling and talking and stuffing.

Good stuff (pun not intended).

The Latest Progress:

  • Added a fair 1,000 plus words to Just as Human Ch. IV. 2/3rds through that part.
  • Got my latest Love Thy Nerd article published: 20 Years of Determination in the Halo Saga. Give it a look in my freelance writing portfolio! Hint: I am a longtime Halo fan; one of my career goals is to work at 343 Industries.

There is this transition point I am thinking through for Ch. IV. Barely a paragraph at most. But, it slides into a short time jump I need.

And I practically have it in mind.

Below is a snapshot of the entire second draft to this point!

An Overhead Look:

Chapters I, II, and III written.

Chapter IV ongoing.

Chapters V through probably XII to come; I have a sliver of a scene at its start written.

Chapters XII through XV, already written, are the exciting climax and falling action.

Chapter XVI is the conclusion.

When will I have it printed in a pile of A4 paper as a finished second draft?

Not sure. Realistically, six to ten months, with approximately 40,000 words to go based on my rate. I want to get this most, or all, finished so I can put time into more game writing.

I seriously cannot wait to share with you this story; I think it will be memorable.

That’s that! See you next week! By the way, I am starting a new blog series soon, about games. 🙂

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