Writing Update #13

Hello, hello. It’s Matthew here for the next update!

Not much to talk about. Here is the gist of it:

  • Continued on Chapter IV, Just as Human.
  • Randomly started rewriting a LTN article I have had on the backburner.
  • And started the first of a new blog series (to be published).

Not sure when the Love Thy Nerd article will be done. It’ll be a good one, I believe.

A hint for this new blog series is: video games I have enjoyed over the years. I want to prepare the first three – maybe all of them – as well as not write four hundred word posts each time. Try other ways to get across the information in a nicely formatted way. There is other writing to do, after all.

There’s your teaser! I’ll leave off with saying once Chapter IV is done, I will be approximately forty five percent through the second draft; if you read my last update, you will see how all the chapters are coming together.

Yaaay! Possibly not needing as many chapters as originally thought.

And with that, I hope you join me again next update!

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