End of 2021 Update

Another year of writing about to be behind us. Whether sitting comfortably at home, in a quiet library, a pleasant smelling coffee shop, by a tranquil riverside, we writers keep on writing away. Then comes break time!


I’ve hit that time for my fiction projects; freelance writing for Love Thy Nerd will continue. As such, this is my last writing update for 2021 and a few weeks. Sometime in January is when you will see my first 2022 writing update; end of February at the latest. Time to do planning, relaxing, and spray whipped cream topping into peoples’ mouths.

Coming up in the writing pipeline:

  • Writing the last few pages of Chapter IV
  • Rewriting my next Love Thy Nerd article, and pitching the one after that.
  • Polish a short story.
  • Fix up my Game Writing Portfolio.

The end of that chapter has been preparing in mind for more than a week and a half. Maybe I could have written it. I had a tug of war between what to write. Whatever option made the words flow is what I went with. Almost writers’ block. And I stopped it before too long by rewriting the LTN article. This is why having a second piece of writing is helpful, or in this case too many again. I have one more in the pipeline before I take a break from writing those.

In the videogame writing department, I have received terrific, in-depth critiques for my Game Writing portfolio through Discord. You might see what I have deleted thus far. Yeah… I have eyes way over here to notice.

Finally, the short story – the hunting one – has details I need to go over, remove, explain better, and clean up. It ought to be ready to shop around to publishers once that’s wrapped up!

Looking Back

Overall, a solid year of writing. It was a lot of fun, let me tell you! I usually think, “I should have written more.” But nope! I didn’t. And writers that also didn’t can take that need as a goal for next year. Be proud of what you wrote. Life has a way of distracting or refueling us.

HAH… life. Who has a life outside writing?


That does it for 2021! I have been putting down words for seven years now. This is one of the most productive years I have had; might be THE most. Top three easy.

It is nearly time to eat ham, open gifts, and celebrate the virgin birth of one special person. Whether you celebrate Christmas with family time, by giving thanks to Jesus, or celebrate Hanukkah, have yourself a wonderful time and a terrific New Year.

And pray for snowfall so we can go skiing.

Thanks for following along as I kicked off this new writer’s website. I hope I have garnered your intrigue in what I’m doing. Lastly, I hope your projects are fun and fulfilling as we enter 2022. Maybe I will read them one day.

See ya!

Written in 2021:

  • Near five chapters in Just as Human… I still don’t like that name.
  • Two published Love Thy Nerd articles.
  • A sample video game screenplay.
  • A short story – Hunting for a Trophy.

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