A check mark on the list – Writing Update 17

Hello! Matthew here for the next Writing Update – another short one. Sometimes I prefer those than to write longer ones of 300 plus words.

What I wrote:

  • Finished Chapter IV in Just as Human.

I ended about where I wanted to. The best part was using sentences of the skeleton draft – the not-a-first-draft frame of the story. All’s it has is some muscle. This chapter used lots of new prose and many reused ideas and lines. Cut down on the amount of thinking needed. However, it did make me take a little longer than I wanted to decide on what to use. 

Ironic, right?

Still did its job. That is what the Skeleton Draft is there for – to expand on, refer to, or disregard for the Real First Draft.

Without giving away too much, here’s a snippet of the end of the chapter to end this update on. Until next time!

Note: Some of these bits could contain factual errors. When this draft gets revised, those will be fixed, or made plausible.

The scanner screen flickered orange and held.

Over a thousand gigahertz. In something that contained. Inconceivable.

“Mission Update: Objective located. Everyone stay put in case they run. Nolan, approach from behind the big bald dude. I’ll take the other.”

“Confirmed. Great eyes, El,” said Nolan.

Orange turned to red and the device sent buzzes through her hands. Ellexis’s lungs stiffened, and she sucked in air. The two men stood and took a few steps toward a growing mingling of bodies. She and her brother were not yet seen, but every time the men looked felt as if they were finally caught. People had to be alerted and cleared out calmly. But some went around them again, closing them off from view.

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