Getting momentum back. Writing Update #20

Time for the twentieth update! Good number. Something about twos is comfortably symmetrical. Two books from the bookstore. Two pieces of candy. Two movies to choose from for a movie night.

Momentum for this recent week ground to a halt. Last week was a busy one. Contract job changes, errands, driving back and forth from a weekend family visit, not to mention the whole world watching two countries at war. Sad; lots of lives hurt and lots of drama. Ironically, a lot of fiction features these kinds of events, mine included. Trying to not be tone-deaf saying that and showing my story.

What I managed to write was an external shift in character in Just as Human Real First Draft Chapter V. The idea was in mind from my outline. I wanted to plant a seed earlier on for future character choice – the next step in character development for a certain protagonist. I thought to give it a try, get some tension rolling before the actual section’s tension came. I like it. Will it stay in the next draft is to be seen.

Below is what happens just after it. Each time I have shared these makes me think people won’t enjoy the book later – its all a rough draft with minor edits for show. “People are cringing” or “Maybe you should wait until its done” or “polish it more”. That is how its going to be, though, and I want to share some of that progress.

That’s that for this week!

She hadn’t realized she puffed out her chest as he walked past her. Not a hidden gesture though; Kai and Ailenga suddenly double-checked their weapons. After a moment they looked back up at her. Their eyes carried the gaze of surprise. “I need one of you to stand as a lookout.”
They exchanged looks. “Why not,” Kai said. But Ailenga took a step toward Ellexis. “I have the sniper rifle. Could use a break from his sarcasm,” she smiled.
Kai gave a whatever look. Ailenga laughed and patted his shoulder. “You’re fine, Kai.”
He acknowledged her humor. “I hope you have enough water.”
Indeed the weather was quite warm. Cloud cover didn’t seem to provide much shade; the entrance bunker would be the only nearest relief other than their ship. Attracting dust, it didn’t quite blend into the desert rock. At a distance and with dust and its angular design, a lockout can mistake it for something used by Sylas. Whether that turned out to be true Ellexis was not sure. She didn’t know if wetsuits were used or even if they had the right size. Be pretty funny if they did. But she’d find out after she walked with Kai to rejoin Nolan. Both had blaster rifles unclipped from magnetic holds on their backs. Ailenga followed behind soon over the bright orange rock with the sun bearing down.

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