On this week’s Writing Update…

…is the start of Chapter VI and stressing myself out.

I made it more difficult than need be. Put too much pressure on myself to write it amazing. That combined with other unnecessary stresses I put on myself made this week pretty annoyingly hard. So, I didn’t write anywhere near as much as I wanted.


Shakes head

Takes a few breaths

Sits in computer chair to write anyway

Another factor – the strange one – is that I did not realize my left hand was not properly touch typing. My pinky and ring finger have the wrong muscle memory. I decided to retrain them. That slowed me down. Haha. I’ll get that squared away; my typing speed and stress will be minimal.

What I wrote:

  • About a 1/3rd of Chapter VI.

This one I want to be a shorter chapter. More focus on character and the plot becoming more stressful (Ironic) than action, though both are in it. Maybe more ideas will come to make it longer. I told myself before I started that it should be shorter, for a plot-spoiler-y reason. I believe it will not only work for right now, but it will add, mmm let’s say craziness to this draft. To help trigger the start of the chapter, I listened to part of a music track from The Dark Knight Trilogy. Telling you the name of that track gives away the emotion I am eliciting, so don’t try to guess too hard.

I won’t be sharing any previews this time. If you read my previous Writing Update, I said I don’t want too much of the plot given away. Every other week is my new plan for right now.

As they say in Hollywood, that’s a wrap for this update! Thank you for reading, from Reddit or Discord or my brand new author’s page on Facebook. Just search for my full name, then look for the same banner that my website has.

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