And for this week’s writing update…

I have a little more done on Chapter VI.

Still training my left fingers’ muscles to proper typing. So far, it is working. My ring finger protests to type ‘e’ instead of ‘w.’ My middle finger forgets how to touch ‘r’ sometimes. Or hitting ‘w’ also means my pointer finger taps on ‘f.’

Dang it, it shouldn’t be. Haha. It’s weird; they aren’t in any pain. Simple muscle memory to make.

Moving on to what you really read these for.

Chapter VI is becoming a pretty tense set of moments. Listening to more orchestral tracks emphasizing build-up opened up characters’ emotions that I hadn’t thought of. What’s going on is more than I first imagined, which is usually the case. Its two villains have a discussion about an outside event about to happen. Even if their thought processes read clunky with this take, it is a necessary step in seeing the whole picture of their goal. And that is just for the first several pages. More crazy things are going to happen with other characters.

In another area of the book, I have a significant moment happen to a certain character Ellexis and Nolan are close to. I always imagined it as a highly emotional moment that would also come around, so to speak, in the very end. It was brought up in a conversation with a friend this weekend. After getting her thoughts on it, I found another way to do it – a potentially better way. It is a sensitive subject. I typed up notes after we talked. This other option could generate, let’s say, lots of tug-of-war emotions in Ellexis that I didn’t think about before. You might be wondering, “Just say it already!” I want to say it. Trust me! But it would ruin a portion of character development. This all makes a tweak to the end of the story that I rather like. The choice is writing either option to see what works or going with this tweak.

That’s it for this week. No preview piece though; maybe next week.

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