Writing Update. Still here.

Hey all! Matthew here for a fresh writing update. I didn’t go anywhere. So I hope that you didn’t think I fell into a case of writers’ block. Despite lately not getting a lot written, I am doing what I have the energy for and stretching that. Now’s a good time to share word on what I have been working on.

I took a break from updating because I don’t see these postings doing much good. I am tired of churning them out each week. While I like publishing them to keep me moving along, motivated, disciplined, and sharing my projects with readers, I hit a point where I did not enjoy it. As if these don’t really get me anywhere. Ironically, I saw that my past update from April 5th got a lot more views than any of my others.

Simply put, I am moving to updating you monthly. In this way I can write more, take into account of life that happens between writing sessions, and add in some life moments when they arise. Going to see how this works. I think it will work out good for as long as it needs to.

Moving on to writing!

What I have written:

  • Finished Just as Human Real First Draft Chapter VI.
  • Started Chapter VII.
  • Pitched and resumed writing an article.

Chapter seven has been one I have been looking forward to for a while. Some moments happen that I have thought of over and over for long enough. I talked about that in my previous update, which you can find (here). Its an important one for Ellexis and a few characters. I am aiming to tell it good enough that it propels the story into the third act. Chapter eight and onward is when things get even more antsy!

Perfectionist aims aside, it will be good for this draft.

The article I am writing is the last of a trilogy. Instead of unveiling it early, I am saving it for later. Will someone see the context of the story I analyze in a better way? I sure think so.

So… that’s that! Thanks for reading and keep eyes on your email inboxes for next months’ update.

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