Update for the month of Juuuneee.

Days of heat. Weekends staying up till the midnight hours. Times for movies, home style meals, and as much ice cream you can afford. Its summertime!

Now we’re singing the High School Musical songs. That brings back cheesy nostalgia. Oh gosh. Making me feel old. Eh, not the time for discussing age.

Well, lets get into it.

Writing for the month of June:

  • Chapter 7 in the novel is checked off the list.

I made the changes I’ve talked about. The differences worked out better than my initial idea. I added weight to a character’s decision past the book’s midpoint. She will think back on it as the plot moves on. Without saying too much, thats the start of the choice. Background characters in colonies on planets may have something to say. Or maybe another fork in the road is coming. They don’t really know.

I do though.

My mischievous planning is unfolding. Hahaha. And Im not telling if it is terrible or wise. You will have to find out when you read it. Maybe I stuck a new enemy in and killed off a character that I know readers will hate me for.

If or when.

Life Events for June

I started my next temp job. It’s for a property management company, filling in their front desk. Learning curve is easier, so I will have more creative energy after work.

Was applying to writing, non-writing, and freelance jobs for two weeks. I thought about my career path as I near turning the big 3-0 this year. I can work a side gig while advancing my writing. SEO, marketing, and blog content is fine. However, I feel that helping storytellers is more beneficial.

So, if you are a writer punching out words of fiction or about fiction, I offer the following services for prose and videogame writing:

Story Conceptualizing


Line-by-Line editing

Character Development – motivation, goal, relationships.

Price? Free. Until I hit the quality bar to charge. I’ve accumulated about five years critiquing experience – in school and online. No, I’m not published. Contact me via my writers’ Facebook page, Facebook Messenger, the message box in my About Me page, or my email: matt.birdzell@gmail.com.

That is all for this month. See you in August.

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