Writing Update and thoughts on marketing

Hello again as is usual! Matthew here with an update on what I have been writing!

As I start typing this, the sun has been out a ton today. It is nice having spring shine horizontally across my monitor. It doesn’t give any glare if I don’t keep the curtains open all the way. So that’s a plus. I just wish I had a window facing me. Having more lighting options in my room would be welcome, but that isn’t what I have right now.

And now to the writing reporting!

What I’ve been doing:

  • The last third of Chapter VI. As of today that means it will be 3/3rds finished soon.
  • Made more tweaks to my chapter outline in Google Sheets.

For once, I am in the page count I want to be. If you saw my last couple of updates, I was mentioning that Chapter VI would be shorter. This last part of it is an action scene. And it is tripping me up! It’s weird! I go to town writing action scenes. Details everywhere! Characters every which direction one reads, gunfire, explosions, charges, military humor, emotion, and my imaginary VFX. Of course, you can’t see the majority of this yet.

This one is short. I think that is the challenge. I normally draw them out, adding and adding and adding until it’s one massive sequence. This one is just different. Without saying why that is, it’s making me write, pause, re-think, edit, and write more. I’m even using a couple of pages from my skeleton draft. The rest of that part is rewritten. It’s better to do it that way.

That’s where I’m at in Just as Human Real First Draft. With having another short-term work assignment this week, and, Lord-willing, a longer one starting next week, I ought to be on to Chapter VII in several days. That one is going to be a far different chapter than the others. And it also means I have about five chapters to write before I finally connect everything to the big action scene happening in the end. And then after that?

The final chapter!

Hell. Yes.

I can go back to video game writing sometime after its done.

Moving on to another topic…

Public Health Strategy – MOPH Qatar by Charith Priyadarshana is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0


It is hard and it is exhausting.

I just do not see that these weekly updates are effective. I see my subscriber count before they get posted to Discord servers, Facebook, and once so far on Reddit. But, I haven’t had much success in the six-plus months I have written them. That’s not to say I will stop updating in some form. I do them to learn how to market myself. It’s that I am not yet seeing interested readers outside family and my social circles. So, on LegendFire – the online critique forum I am a member of – I asked what I can do differently. The head administrator – a published author I know – suggested newsletters. She’s never had success with marketing using social media. I don’t enjoy it, like her. Yes, it is a necessary and useful tool. Many others are savvy with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit. It is just not something I find fun. Newsletters are a way I can clump together life with writing updates. Make things more real. Perhaps more enjoyable. I still wish I had a bigger desk in my room to record these, send the MP4 files to an editor, then upload them to YouTube

You are probably thinking, “He needs to stick with something for a while.” Yes, I need to. When something does not look like it is working, and I don’t enjoy it, I take a step back. A monthly newsletter can be a great way to invite readers into my writing and parts of my life. You’d see me complete this book in larger parts instead of small, 3-500 plus sections every week. With that all spilled out of my brain, I might try that out. There’s also learning marketing from writers’ conferences online. Something works; it will be found.

That does it for this weeks Writing Update. Thank you for sticking with this longer one! I’ll just share this new prose and imagine what you think:


Good thing it didn’t reset the message when his signal bar turned into an ‘x.’ He rode crowded in an elevator a handful of stories. The moment the doors slid all the way open, they resumed pushing her bed along with a clear breathing mask, which hadn’t fogged up much. But oxygen did form on the transparent inside. Words formed in his head which he couldn’t muster the energy to mouth. Please don’t let this be the end already. Please. There’s gotta be something to stop it. Oh God, take care of her. She’s breathing though. Good. Her eyes fluttered open. Okay, that’s a good sign.

And for this week’s writing update…

I have a little more done on Chapter VI.

Still training my left fingers’ muscles to proper typing. So far, it is working. My ring finger protests to type ‘e’ instead of ‘w.’ My middle finger forgets how to touch ‘r’ sometimes. Or hitting ‘w’ also means my pointer finger taps on ‘f.’

Dang it, it shouldn’t be. Haha. It’s weird; they aren’t in any pain. Simple muscle memory to make.

Moving on to what you really read these for.

Chapter VI is becoming a pretty tense set of moments. Listening to more orchestral tracks emphasizing build-up opened up characters’ emotions that I hadn’t thought of. What’s going on is more than I first imagined, which is usually the case. Its two villains have a discussion about an outside event about to happen. Even if their thought processes read clunky with this take, it is a necessary step in seeing the whole picture of their goal. And that is just for the first several pages. More crazy things are going to happen with other characters.

In another area of the book, I have a significant moment happen to a certain character Ellexis and Nolan are close to. I always imagined it as a highly emotional moment that would also come around, so to speak, in the very end. It was brought up in a conversation with a friend this weekend. After getting her thoughts on it, I found another way to do it – a potentially better way. It is a sensitive subject. I typed up notes after we talked. This other option could generate, let’s say, lots of tug-of-war emotions in Ellexis that I didn’t think about before. You might be wondering, “Just say it already!” I want to say it. Trust me! But it would ruin a portion of character development. This all makes a tweak to the end of the story that I rather like. The choice is writing either option to see what works or going with this tweak.

That’s it for this week. No preview piece though; maybe next week.

On this week’s Writing Update…

…is the start of Chapter VI and stressing myself out.

I made it more difficult than need be. Put too much pressure on myself to write it amazing. That combined with other unnecessary stresses I put on myself made this week pretty annoyingly hard. So, I didn’t write anywhere near as much as I wanted.


Shakes head

Takes a few breaths

Sits in computer chair to write anyway

Another factor – the strange one – is that I did not realize my left hand was not properly touch typing. My pinky and ring finger have the wrong muscle memory. I decided to retrain them. That slowed me down. Haha. I’ll get that squared away; my typing speed and stress will be minimal.

What I wrote:

  • About a 1/3rd of Chapter VI.

This one I want to be a shorter chapter. More focus on character and the plot becoming more stressful (Ironic) than action, though both are in it. Maybe more ideas will come to make it longer. I told myself before I started that it should be shorter, for a plot-spoiler-y reason. I believe it will not only work for right now, but it will add, mmm let’s say craziness to this draft. To help trigger the start of the chapter, I listened to part of a music track from The Dark Knight Trilogy. Telling you the name of that track gives away the emotion I am eliciting, so don’t try to guess too hard.

I won’t be sharing any previews this time. If you read my previous Writing Update, I said I don’t want too much of the plot given away. Every other week is my new plan for right now.

As they say in Hollywood, that’s a wrap for this update! Thank you for reading, from Reddit or Discord or my brand new author’s page on Facebook. Just search for my full name, then look for the same banner that my website has.

Writing Update + Passed a mark.

Another Tuesday is here. Another update is below with changes. Here we go!

What I wrote this last week:

  • Finished the last third of Chapter V.
  • Pitched my third and final Tomb Raider article to LTN. Needing help finalizing it.

It didn’t take long like I said last week. I didn’t want to make this chapter feel stretched out. Rather, it is most likely stuffed too much. Haha. Three specific moments hit one after another in a short time. I was thinking about how to do it carefully, then just went with what I could do. I mentioned in a Facebook post that it bridged right into Chapter VI. Well, yes and no. The chapters that make up Act II have them flow into one another. I have outlined Chapter V and VI as a couple of those. Now I am on to VI – pretty much halfway through this draft!

Everything from here to the already written battle scene, then the last chapter, is going to be hard. I’ve described writing the other chapters like that, I know. It’s all my own fault. Haha. Eh, whatever – it’s my first book.

On to a few changes:

  • No more sharing to Twitter. Using Reddit instead, along with Discord and Facebook.
  • Facebook page for updates, writing inspiration/memes, and posts from other writers online I talk to.
  • Snippets from Just as Human shared every other week.

I will keep the Twitter link to my profile on this website’s menu for networking. A social media content manager recommended to me last week that I give Reddit a shot. I realized, “That’s not something I thought of.” I already have an account. Another thing is I don’t want to give away too much of the book with the bits I post. Skipping it this week for every other week. I could even stop after a while. Just as long as you trust my progress. Lastly, numbering these updates is unnecessary now.

You will see these take place pretty soon.

Any other recommendations? Just leave a comment. On that note, that is all for this week!