Writing Update #21

It is time for the next update on all things prose.

My rhythm is coming back. It took not paying close attention to the war, as well as sorting current and upcoming ideas for the book. Even if I wanted to keep up with the fighting, there is lots of misinformation I am told. Typical of people in power, right? That brings me to what I paid attention to this past week.

What I wrote this week:

  • Some of the last third of Chapter V.
  • Edited my next Love Thy Nerd article.

Chapter V is coming right along! This part of it that Ellexis is in with her squad has action while investigating something. As I wrote, I knew that I needed to amp up the tension between her, her brother Nolan, and the coming chapter. It flows into more action in Chapter VI. More a combination of growing stress with her, action, and other plot threads. Come to realize that I might be stuffing too much into that chapter. If it comes to that, I will have to make more adjustments.

Photo by Skyler Ewing on Pexels.com

It ought to be done by next Friday at the latest. As for this next LTN article, I received edits from the editor last week. Worked on those concurrently with Just as Human. Without spoiling it, it is about large-budget videogames. Not sure when that one will be published. When it is, I will definitely share it!

Check out a few sentences from what I wrote in Ch. V. Thanks for reading!

The more she thought of it, the longer she got a weird look from the two guys, and she inadvertently stepped back. But she didn’t have the time to be introspective all day. It had to be some locked away anger, pent-up frustration that had brewed like magma, and just now caused surface cracks. Breaks from long-festering exhaustion finally showing from making choices someone wouldn’t like. An answer was there. Ellexis knew it. For all her pride with the service, and all the time she and her military family dealt with interplanetary conflicts, it was not often that she contemplated her reasoning. One decision that was made having future implications was an obvious thing to think about. At least for society as a whole. For her relationship with her brother, it didn’t hit her like this before. And it made her wonder what the soldiers who they took down thought. Whether or not they truly understood what their purpose was. A twang of regret rose within her. It disappeared the next moment.

Inaugural Writing Update

I saw you through my digital window before your knuckles rapped on the door. Allow me to welcome you to my writers’ website! I will have to find photos to spruce this place up, moreso for long updates.

Every week that I write fiction or about fiction – near every weekend at the present time – I want to share my word count, takeaways from the writing, and overall progress! Other ideas are floating in my mind that I may try, like making update videos instead of typing them, or an attempt at teaching you writing.

Hah… well, it could work!

Anyway, I will try not to miss posting updates. Life has a way of annoyingly stepping in the way. I can holler beforehand as long as I remember.

My first update of word counts is for the second draft of my first novel! It is a science fiction adventure set in the 25th Century, tentatively titled Just as Human. It features a female lead character and her older brother: Irish soldiers Ellexis and Nolan. Still, lots to write in it, so I shall tease you with a synopsis another time.

Though, at least you read this teaser of a teaser…

Cumulative word count is now at 22,390 words. Word Count for August 7th: 2,038. I started the draft in September of 2020.

At the end of a month, I will summarize my word count, any takeaways, and a sort of “review” for a video game, movie, or book that a) I enjoy, b) influences or inspires my writing, and c) you can add to your list of stories to consume. Going to start with video games. Later, after those are finished, I will think of something else to publish. Again, perhaps in video form eventually, so you can see my messy morning hairdo!


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