Niches: Video game Op-eds

Skills: B2B and B2C website copy, blog writing, detailed word choice, SEO phrasing.

Specialties: Thematic analysis of video game stories, movies and TV shows. Theorizing details in upcoming games and films.

Additional Experience in: Home remodeling, repair, and decorations, Industrial repair, health care, digital website content for videogames.


A blog outlining the creative roles at DVNC Tech – an indie agency with big goals.

The Knowledge of Good and Evil in Tomb Raider, published by Love Thy Nerd, is about temptation and evil, us wanting to fight alone, like Lara Croft. However, her friends help us overcome those with good.

Obsession in Rise of the Tomb Raider, published by Love Thy Nerd, talks about the effects of obsession when it detracts from what is more important in our lives.

Accepting Our Path in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, published by Love Thy Nerd, brings up the importance of life in front of us. When we don’t see the good in our hardships, Lara reminds us to find blessings in the way life goes.

20 Years of Determination in the Halo Saga, published by Love Thy Nerd, summarizes the Master Chief’s iconic story of sacrificial determination leading to the launch of Halo Infinite. While his heroism is inspirational, it related to God’s never-ending desire to save humanity and be our hope.

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Unpublished Product Descriptions

Men’s Loafers and Orthotic memory foam Inserts.