Writing Update #16

Good week of writing! I am between assignments for work, so I split my time between scanning job posts and writing. Here’s what was written this week, and pretty much all January 2022:

  • Finished revising two videogame screenplay samples.
  • Touched up my resume.
  • Touched up website information.
  • More than 1,000 words in the book.

After reading Screenplay, by Syd Field, and using feedback from Discord, I finally made more sense of basic screenplay formatting. Odd, right? Someone pursuing a career involving screenwriting should have taken classes to know that stuff. I only took one in my undergraduate studies, so I have continued learning after graduating by reading and writing. I struggled with formatting the first time around. A few pages in the last third of the book explain what parentheticals are, correct interior and exterior shot writing, margins, etc. You can see below an example of a revision, in my third-person fantasy adventure sample.

From this (Page 1):

To this (approx. the same page):

Knowing how to credit those who give feedback could be important. By name or just saying she or he provided. I’ll have to find that out.

For Just as Human‘s Real First Draft, I estimate Chapter IV is now 3/4’s written. The wheels are turning again!

To end this update, see the newest lines from Ch. IV. Note: all a work-in-progress… obviously.


Everyone ignored his sarcastic ply at filling time with talking. Fifteen minutes disappeared fast. Ellexis watched as they were dropped off in an empty asphalt street behind a tall steel building, featuring these high up curving structures. In fact, all the roads they drove through to get here were just about empty of pedestrians. Up ahead was the concoction of drums, cheers, live music, talking, and some sound she had not heard before. “Whats going on here, Sergeant?”

“Our annual, fifteen day long founding celebration.”

“And the intel,” Ellexis said, “you concluded that enemy assailants will be here. Not at all where I was expecting.”

“Took the words right out of my mouth,” Kai said with a sneeze.

“Bless you,” all of them said at once. Ellexis laughed.

“Here’s the situation,” the sergeant started, “we think whoever is here to bomb us is using an experimental EMP bomb. Handheld.”

Ellexis gave him a curious look. “Dimensions?”

“No idea.”

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