Writing Update + Passed a mark.

Another Tuesday is here. Another update is below with changes. Here we go!

What I wrote this last week:

  • Finished the last third of Chapter V.
  • Pitched my third and final Tomb Raider article to LTN. Needing help finalizing it.

It didn’t take long like I said last week. I didn’t want to make this chapter feel stretched out. Rather, it is most likely stuffed too much. Haha. Three specific moments hit one after another in a short time. I was thinking about how to do it carefully, then just went with what I could do. I mentioned in a Facebook post that it bridged right into Chapter VI. Well, yes and no. The chapters that make up Act II have them flow into one another. I have outlined Chapter V and VI as a couple of those. Now I am on to VI – pretty much halfway through this draft!

Everything from here to the already written battle scene, then the last chapter, is going to be hard. I’ve described writing the other chapters like that, I know. It’s all my own fault. Haha. Eh, whatever – it’s my first book.

On to a few changes:

  • No more sharing to Twitter. Using Reddit instead, along with Discord and Facebook.
  • Facebook page for updates, writing inspiration/memes, and posts from other writers online I talk to.
  • Snippets from Just as Human shared every other week.

I will keep the Twitter link to my profile on this website’s menu for networking. A social media content manager recommended to me last week that I give Reddit a shot. I realized, “That’s not something I thought of.” I already have an account. Another thing is I don’t want to give away too much of the book with the bits I post. Skipping it this week for every other week. I could even stop after a while. Just as long as you trust my progress. Lastly, numbering these updates is unnecessary now.

You will see these take place pretty soon.

Any other recommendations? Just leave a comment. On that note, that is all for this week!

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