Out to Outline – Writing Update #3

And another!

Welcome to my third writing update! Today was the first of a few weeks I wanted to write outlines for new and current stories. I needed a break from my book to do something fresh. But don’t worry… ain’t leaving that story alone for too long.

Don’t… take that the wrong way.

Months ago

A short story idea took root in my conscious earlier this year. Maybe I was talking to my roommate that triggered it to surface. For some annoying reason, I can’t remember.

Oh wait. I must of watched that new Ralph Fiennes movie on Netflix that inspired me…

I hate my memory.

A teenage boy finding a lost item of value just stuck pretty much the moment I thought of it. Simple concept, excellent practice. And I am taking off running with it! Pretty sure he will outrun me.

Sharpening a weakness

Short stories are not my forte; have always struggled with keeping my ideas succinct and simple and short.

No more! This challenge required some outlining, such as:

  • Premise
  • Character(s)
  • Setting/weather/location
  • and theme.

Well, I got eighty percent of that. The only part I didn’t do much with were a couple of narrative beats at the end of the plot outline itself. I left that part open to my ever-growing conscious, all these endless ideas. Really, just repeatable ideas.

But, its working thus far! Just had to re-educate myself through YouTube writing videos, after not writing these for a few short years. And I’m sure many of you use that resource for all kinds of learning on writing.

Oh, I am sure. 🙂

In the comments below, tell me about the writing you have struggled with that you became better at. Personally, through educating myself from videos, reading blog posts, and participating in a writing forum sharpens my writing.

That is it for this week! Next week and in the following weeks, I will share how the writing went for this idea, and outlining for two other projects! Plus, my first Top Ten list reveal for video game stories to close August. Thanks a ton for keeping up with me!

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