Writing Update #18 – Chapter V.

Matthew here with an update a day later. Some social plans got made for Tuesday night with not much notice. I let this update go by the wayside for that time, which was fine; I hope you’ll forgive me. I did want to find time to post this, but it was just better to focus on what was going on.

While I did not write all I wanted, it was better than a little. And that will become a broken record if I say that every week. No, I haven’t been writing 500 or more words a day. I am working on getting there. RSI, or maybe just tense muscles in my right arm are acting up during work and when I forget to use the Pomodoro technique. Gonna schedule a third massage to get rid of leftover tension from the first two amazing ones.

What was written this week:

  • 1/3rd or so of Chapter V. Could be 1/4th.

How I am writing this one is a little different than I thought. It is short in the skeleton draft; not much fleshing out. I’m exploring making this chapter go to a different route, after the plot point being written from the old draft is done, which is within a page or two. Just a weird sci-fi idea I have not written about yet. Might not be plausible in real life, but I seems entertaining. Chapter V could be chunky. We will see!

Some new writing to share is below, and we will reconvene next week:

He chuckled. “It performed as intended. Besides, no, they haven’t. We could stick this out all day.”

“Wow. Just wow. Nope. That’s all she wrote.” He gestured at her and her brother. “They’re just about to shine a big old spotlight at us.”

“You wanted to do it… and it worked. Okay… thats progress! Might as get a move on talking more boys, because you still aren’t going anywhere,” said her brother.

Now was the time to release the weight from her mind.

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