Up to the Date #19

Matthew back here for another writing update!

Same old, same old is pretty much it. What was written:

  • 1/3rd through Chapter V.

To be more exact, it is the tail end of the one-third mark. Before each writing session this week, I brainstormed scenes I now knew had to be put down. I realized I had to bring plot events closer to proximity of each other or drop them to keep the focus on the story. Otherwise, my ambition would go out of control. All the ideas I imagined would be shoved in without regard to what mattered – what should make Ellexis and Nolan’s sister-brother soldier story fun and poignant. Honestly, it makes connecting future dots easier too.

I hope this next piece of fresh prose keeps you curious you as we end another Writing Update. Oh, before I do that, I want to say that as of last week, Just as Human Real First Draft became my longest story written. Previously, Shards of the Risen: A Tomb Raider Story was the benchmark. That’s a fanfiction novella set a month after 2015’s Rise of the Tomb Raider. From 35,816 words to 38,557 as of now.

They knew where to go, how to get there, and what was on the outside. What was on the inside Ellexis still couldn’t figure out. Her theory was a whole bunch of scientists under command by Sylas and Irenka – his wife she often forgot about – designing something that needed all these sorts of requirements. Water combined with different levels of gravity, in the upper atmosphere so close to space it could just about be called space, and… what is that? Something shining out of the great big football portion in the upright position. An aura was outlined inside of it on the holomap. That was the itch on her back.

Still, this whole place was unnoticed by her and any other soldier she knew. The most surprising thing was Axiom being a well-known planet – three times the size of earth – with three biomes, maybe more. Where the water appeared to be streaming out of was a desert area. This meant Sylas and Irenka had permits to build or to utilize existing facilities outside major cities. People allowing this was just confounding. Had a beef with earth or something.

Soon enough they might see they were on the wrong side.

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